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    Virtual double-features

    Post some suggestions for double features. Here are a couple of mine:

    Collateral and Taxi (the two new films, this is what got me thinking about the subject in the first place -- I think it's funny that these two films are coming out about the same time, and would like to see them as a double-feature)

    Run Lola Run and Go (I've said this one many times before, two different slants on sideways story-telling)

    Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 (just kidding -- we're actually doing this tonight)

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Cool World (start off in ha-ha land, end up in la-la land)

    Butterfly Effect and Mothman Prophecies (don't know why, they just seem like they would work well together)

    Feel free to list, or feel free to justify your suggestions.
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    Talking What the Heck... I'll play...

    1. Mutiny on the Bounty and Caine Mutiny - Two very different stories but both crackerjack.

    2. Alien and Aliens - It's scary, really scary.

    3. Bad Leutenant and Training Day - Bad cops on both coasts.

    4.The Adventures of Robin Hood and Men in Tights - Not the best Mel Brooks but pretty good.

    5.Tora Tora Tora and Pearl - The good and the really bad.

    Hope this helps...

    Da Worfster

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    Dirty Harry and The Shaft.

    Two different approach, but the same kick ass results

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