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    The "Super"(?) Bowl?

    My GOD what a pure D, unadulterated arse whuppin! Over midway through the first quarter. I like Peyton as a gentleman and a player but that was the worst drubbin' I've EVER seen a team take in a Super Bowl. There might be larger score discrepancies, but NEVER have I seen a team look "whipped" from the start! Not even the Buffalo Bills ever went out so meekly. The only time I personally remember a team being "beaten before they start" was the when the Giants got massacred by the Ravens. Christians vs. Lions was more competitive. Nice job done at halt-time though by the illegitimate love child of James Brown and Prince.


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    I knew it wwas going to be a onee sided game after the first play!

    I switched to PBS at the start of the fourth quarter to watch the latest Sherlock. The half time show was superb. It's good to know that I wasn't the only one who saw echoes of JB in Bruno and his band.

    The latest season of Sherlock is marvelous.
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