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Thread: "The Spirit"

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    "The Spirit"

    God, I'm so mad right now I want to spit acid. I read reprints of Will Eisner's classic Comic Strip hero in the 60's and 70's. I loved that character and fogave the sexist and racist overtones of the strip considering that they were written in the 30's 40's and early 50's. I cared for him as I did Doc Savage, The Shadow, Conan and other Pulps of that era.

    In addition to loving The Spirit I was also a big fan of Frank Miller's work. HIs single handed resurrection of "Daredevel" and other classic Marvel characters was masterful. A thoughtful writer and great artist, my respect for him knew no bounds. After this disasterous outing as writer director I want to sign an arrest warrant for his ass.

    How could you screw up a movie this bad? It's unbelievable!!!! The ole lady walked out half-way through. My son came down to find me sleeping on the couch during the finale. What a load of cobblers. This ranks as the absolute worst film I've seen in decades!!!! This drivel makes "The Golden Compass" read like Citizen Kane. This was awful. I turned it off feeling dirty and used. I didn't even finish the film much less watch the extras.

    All I could think of was Cartman's solliloquy as "The Coon" from Southpark I thought he was bangin' "The Dark Knight" badly in that one but nothing was as stupid or deserving of rippage as this turd. I don't think I'll watch another superhero movie again, at least until "Ironman 2".

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    Worf, the critics certainly agree with you. The movie review online site, Rotten Tomatoes, had a 14% approval rating from movie critics. That is one of the lowest ratings I have ever seen on this site. Obviously a real dog of a movie!


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    Yeah, it was pretty rubbish... aside the unconventional comic-like artistic style. I can't say I've ever read the comics though.
    I did, however, enjoy Sin City on the whole (which was I believe Frank Miller's work).

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    Yeah my son who is normally a big Frank miller fan even took a pass on this one. From what he read in various places this movie was all about Frank Miller showing Hollywood he could make one of his adaptations better than they could. Now we all see why he is a writer not a director......

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