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    Simpsons and the movies!

    Was watching the Simpsons the other day and caught the episode where marge goes to work so they put Maggie into day care and they had both Great Escape and The Bird references at that Ayn Rand Day Care center she was put in. Got me to thinking how many awesome references to movies there've been in The Simpsons and how well they execute them.

    What are your favs?

    Cape Fear - prolly my all time favorite episode where Sideshow Bob terrorizes bart one more time. When he walks into that cirlce of rakes i couldn't stop laughing!

    Frank Scorpio - all the bond references in that one were awesome.

    Citizen Kane - where the guy retires but at his retirement party smithers has the dancers come in and sing the song and dance number from Kane (That's Mr. Burns!)

    The Tree House of Horror Classics - so many great spoofs here, but i think the amityville house was one of my favs

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    I enjoyed the Comic Book Guy capturing the actors he likes and putting them in bubbles. Tom Baker's as Doctor Who, and Xena Warriar princess etc.

    And of course the Pulp Fiction take off. The cops talking about Krusty Burger verses McDonald's "In Shelby vill the call a Krusty burger a Big mac" etc etc. Great stuff.

    Great Satire...rumour has it that Springfield is in Canada. LOL The main writer is apparently a that's a satire.

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    Slightly off topic

    Of course, they've made a lot on The Simpsons out of the mystery of which state Springfield is in.

    But in one episode, a mockumentary, a voiceover announcer called the Simpsons a Kentucky family. (He specified a region of Kentucky, but I don't remember which it was: either Eastern, Western, Northern or Southern.) Does anyone know what they meant by that?

    There are Springfields in many states. I haven't looked it up, but perhaps if I did I'd find out that there isn't really one in Kentucky. Or not in that part of Kentucky.

    I also like "You Only Move Twice," not only because it's a James Bond spoof, but because the character of Hank Scorpio (or was it Frank Scorpio) reminds me of every boss in the world. He's an ogre to most, but is warm to a few favored employees.

    The whole episode about Mr. Burns and Bobo is based on "Citizen Kane," not just a few scenes. I don't know about most people, but I've also had Rosebuds in my life. (I've never forgiven Charles Schulz for giving away the surprise ending of Citizen Kane to those who hadn't already seen it.)

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