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    Seen Burlesque yet?

    I'm a bit behind on catching this, and, actually some how I haven't heard of it until it came on Starz. That's why the movie channels can sometimes be worth the expense. As mentioned I saw Burlesque on satelite but would love to hear the Blu-ray, the soundtrack is excellent, drums are mixed nicely prominent, it's like they are more enveloping. Not to mention some stunning visuals. The movie stars Christina Agulera who does some nice vocals, and Cher. The story isn't all that original, gee my bank note is due... how will we save the club, but with the already mentioned attributes and a decent cast of characters it's worth a watch.

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    8 times as of last Sturday night. Graet eye candy and music for sure. I'd like to see her fit in that green dress now.

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