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    Recent Rentals and Viewings...

    Been doing some movie watching lately so...

    Let Me In B-minus - Not bad as Hollywood remakes go. I enjoyed it, not quite as much as the original, but the the remake contained so many cultural nods to the early 80's that I was grinning the whole time I was watching.

    The Good The Bad and the Weird C - Korean homage to Spaghetti Westerns that's long on style and short on substance. I'm sure it meant more to native Korean speakers but my knowledge of the language as suffered since I left the service. Fun if you've nothing else to do or rent.

    Kick Ass B-minus - This film intrigued me as I am a total neophyte to this end of the Marvel Universe. Bloody, profane and violent, this film examines what happens if a REAL dweeb, one NOT privy to radioactive spiderspit, decided to try and make difference by donning a mask and fighting crime. Nicholas Cage doesn't totally suck in dis one. I'd rent it again. Great sound... lots and lots of extras on the BluRay.

    Paranormal Activity B-minus - This film takes "The Blair Witch" formula and takes it indoors. Shot entirely with handheld equipment this film tells the story of a young couple beset with noises and other phenomena. Cheap and effective, so effective it's sequel lead the league in box-office last weekend.

    Sunshine C- Plus- Science Fiction tale of two manned missions sent to "jump start" our dying sun. Cheap on effects but good on character you watch as things go from bad to worse to weird. You could do worse.

    Blood and Bone B-Plus - Excellent Martial Arts film from the same folks that would later bring us "Black Dynomite" except here the fighting is done for "real". No wire work and more MMA than Shaw Bros. this simple film of revenge works on many different levels. Kung Fu and action film lovers take special note.

    Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo C-Plus - While I enjoyed this film I didn't find it as ground-breaking as many folks did. I enjoyed the plot, the action and really enjoyed the sex scenes but I just didn't connect totally on some level. Sugi at the Spectrum ( said that when they showed the film the audience was predominantly creepy old men, not goth girls.

    Whip It C - Cute little film about coming of age and roller derby... Eh... nothin' to write home about but a pretty good waste of an hour and a half. Rent only if desperate.

    The Kids are Alright C+ - How you can have this film without the classic song by the Who is beyond me. A decent film of two lesbian mom's who face crises when their turkey baster kids want to meet their biological dad. Better than average chick flick with some real drama.

    Dear Zachary B+ - I rented this film on Peruvian Skies recommendation, yeah that Peruvian Skies!!! A documentary made by a man for the son of his murdered best friend. As time passes the story gets much more complicated and in the end becomes a stunning indictment of the Canadian Family Court System.

    Mary and Max "?" - I loved this animated film but quite honestly it's so weird, so different so bizarre as to defy review or categorization. A grown adult New Yorker with Asburgers Syndrome becomes pen-pals with an alienated pre-teen from Australia. See I told you it was weird. Great BluRay, wonderful features, extra shorts, you must rent this one, it left me speachless.

    Up in the Air - B - I'm beginning to love just about everything George Clooney does. Hell I even liked Leatherheads! This film about a corporate hit man for hire is great. A damning indictment of our dis-attached modern world where life and loyalty mean little or nothing. Great film and quite thought provoking.

    Hope you guys enjoy.


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    I liked Up In The Air until the end. Wished for something better than "Life Sucks, now move on".

    I liked Ellen Page in Whip It but the overall movie was not what I expected. She is way too tiny to compete with all the monsters on the opposing teams.

    I recently watched two older movies:

    28 Days Later and the followup, 28 Weeks Later. Both movies kept me on the edge of my seat not knowing what was gonna happen next. Pretty wild zombie movies.

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    Worf, I like these threads.

    I saw Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I liked that it was something a bit different. I'll check out Mary & Max for the same reason based on what you said.

    I saw Pirate Radio, it had some funny spots but I was disappointed by it.

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