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    Recent Rentals....

    Been doing a LOT of Movie watching last couple of weeks. All DVD though...

    1. "Murderball" - A - Documentary about a weird game played by wheelchair bound athaletes. It's a cross between basketball and demolition derby. Fascinating story on the men and women that play it and how they came to love this brutal "sport" . Excellent bonus features including the Mruderball guys hanging out with Johnny Knoxville and the "Jackass" guys... Bad things happen real quick there boy....

    2. "Suspect Zero" - B-Minus - Above average film about a serial-killer killing serial killers. Good bonus features and you learn a lot about "remote viewing and sensing". Ben Kingsley, boy I just love this guy.

    3. "Must Love Dogs" - C Minus - Sheesh what drivel, these folks are soooo annoying. The title shoulda been "Must Eat S**T and Die".

    4. "Fantastic Four" - C - Nothing to get excited about just something to watch... Ho Hum if ever I saw one. If you read the comics as a kid like I did, you could be interested for about a hour or so after that you want to kill all involved. However Jessica Alba... Dayum!!!!!! That is one fine/hot/sexy bit of crumpet let me tell you.... Almost worth the price of admission.

    5. "Roll Bounce" - B - Great film for anyone alive in the post disco haze that was the late 70's. Enjoyed the heck out of the music and the skating. Good bonus features and outtakes. A-Plus soundtrack. No typical "hollywood" ending either.

    6. "Exorcism of Emily Rose" -C Minus - Never lives up to its potential. You don't see the girl long enough to care about her or her family. There's no connection there. A few scary moments but other than that... a waste of celluloid if you ask me.

    Well off to see "Kong" this afternoon....

    Much love and Happy Holidays...

    Da Worfster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worf101
    However Jessica Alba... Dayum!!!!!! That is one fine/hot/sexy bit of crumpet let me tell you.... Almost worth the price of admission.


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    Quote Originally Posted by L.J.
    Hot stuff. The movie was OK as long as you don't expect much.


    Nice short reveiws. Kind of review-ets huh?
    I don't rent anymore. I buy the ones I know I want and wait for the others to come to cable.

    Enjoy monkey-man, man.
    WARNING! - The Surgeon General has determined that, time spent listening to music is not deducted from one's lifespan.

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