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    recent BR viewing

    Red Tails: Good Transfer sound mix is just right. The Extra/bonus info is about as good if not better than the movie

    Safe House: Is Denzel ever disappointing, even playing simi lead with Ryan Reynolds Denzel presents just brings that extra pop even when he has no lines his facial and body movements speak volumes. A good transfer, a little grain was use to give the film a dirty look of the South Africa township.

    SADE LIVE 2011: My first concert blu Ray, even at 50 plus Sade is still breath taking to watch, her voice show signs of age, but she still can make "your Love is King" sounds as new as it did 27 years ago.

    Act Of Valor: The Trailers are the movie, but still fun to watch with a surprise ending. The transfer is very good with rich colors

    Contact: Replacement of an old VHS, The transfer is ok and sound mix seemed uneven at times.
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    Thanks R.O.

    I've none on your list but I do have an older DVD of Sade in Concert. God what a crush I had/have on that woman. She may have a high forehead and not the strongest of voices but god.. there's just this something about her. Sorry... gotta stop drooling at work.


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