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    Question about the end of Open Water 2-Adrift

    What the hell happened?

    They show a fishing boat circling the yacht hearing the baby cry.

    Then they go to a shot of the surviving girl staring into space with the guy that caused the mess laying face down on the deck of the boat.

    First, how did she carry him up the ladder.
    Second, was he dead?
    Third, did the fishing boat just leave?

    This was a pretty good movie although I could not think how it could be anything like the first. There were some shots that looked like they were just standing on something while the camera moved about. I really don't float but they all floated effortlessly.

    When the first girl died, she fell feet first to the bottom, don't most dead bodies float on the top......of salt water?

    So it is based on true events, anyone actually know the story?

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    Bodies only float once they have gassed up which takes awhile. If on Scuba gear, because of lobster, starfish and other marine creatures eating the exposed parts of the body, the body itself, even if not weighted down with gear, may never float up since the skin has already been punctured by the fish and released the gases. In a lake, where there are no scavenger creatures like lobsters and such, the body will usually float eventually. I have had to pull my share of bodies up to the surface when I was a search and recovery diver for the Sheriffs Dept in San Diego.

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