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Thread: Movie Rumors

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    Movie Rumors

    I've heard a few movie rumors the past little while and i was wondering if its a load of BS or if these are valid.

    1. I heard that there are talks on creating a sequel to Gladiator...possibly a prequel?

    2. I heard perter jackson is laying out the ground work for The Hobbit. I could see this happening since the LOTR trilogy was such a smash hit.

    3. I also heard that there may be a prequel to Star Wars...apparently to take place long before the SkyWalkers, supposedly a Jedi/Sith war.

    I haven't been able to find much on google except for random conjecture....andone else heard any of this?

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    I heard Lucas is planning a Star Wars tv series to tie the trilogies together.

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    here's what i've heard/read

    1. djimon honsou had been talking about the sequel continuing with his character. but that's just in talks, still in super early development. who knows if it'll happen.

    2. i think the hobbit talk may be like the final indiana jones sequel. they've been talking about that for about a decade. he's actually in pre-production of a movie called Lovely Bones (from a book which seems to follow more along the lines of his Heavenly Creatures type of movie). From imdb: "its about a murdered 14 year old girl who recalls what happened from Heaven, as the incident affects those around her."

    3.defshep said it, lucas is planning a massive tv series to span the gap between episode 3 and 4 (i guess its supposed to be about 16-17 years? how old is luke supposed to be in star wars?) i read it was planned to be 100 episodes long, which is about a 5-6 year run for the series.

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    It would be a disservice to not produce the Hobbit in the same quality as the LOTR least to me...
    What a fun movie the Hobbit would be.

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