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    Mildly interesting article about SciFi and Science

    Mostly "old news" to us learned folks, not many surprises, still some nuggets in it.

    Da Worfster

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    Heh, heh, heh, nice find Worf!

    I always liked the episode of He-Man back as a child, where Castle Greyskull gets sucked through a White Hole. So to get it back to Eternia, He-Man picks up the castle, throws it through the White Hole - then he takes out his lasso and latches himself onto the castle, thus pulling himself into the hole by virtue of the castle's momentum...what a hero.

    Even as unbelievable as that was, it looks plausible compared to the whole Superman reversing time thing. Uhhh, dumbest movie ending ever. Well, the hole Star Trek slingshot around the sun to travel both forward AND backward in time might be worse....

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