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    Man of Steel

    "Man of Steel" - C - Pheh... too frenetic... fight scenes too long. I never cared about the big blue boy scout. As one fellow said on another forum, the script seems like it was written by somone who spent a lot of time in his bedroom wondering why noone liked him. When two superpowered beings are pummeling each other to no apparant effect... who cares?Supporting performances were better than his. I was thoroughly underwhelmed.

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    Too frenetic, too long, too implausibly CGI'd fight scenes are certainly a trend. Personally I deplore them.

    What particularly focused my new sensibility were the gratuitous additions in the Lord of the Rings, especially the Return of the King. Likewise and more so, The Hobbit. I haven't seen Man of Steel, (and won't), but I felt fight scenes totally hyperbolic most recently in the newest Star Wars.

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    I always liked the Superman comics and have watched a few of the movies. I will not be seeing this one. I have heard that there is some talk comparing him to Jesus? Various religious groups are claiming the movie is worth attending because of the message. I have not followed up on it due to a lack of interest.
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    I saw it and it was pretty good. Then again, after that last abomination, almost anything would have been an improvement.

    This was a "reboot" where they try to get away from the big, blue boy scout image to a great extent. They show him as a reluctant hero who was thrust into his position by forces outside of his control.

    Also, he's not the "milquetoast hero" he's always been. Now that he's out in the open, he makes it abundently clear that he's here to stay, he's for the good of all but, still in all, he won't put up with any BS, as Zod and the last five minutes of the movie will attest to.

    Yeah, I think it's a successful reboot, albiet a bit SFX heavy (but that's demanded in comic book movies nowadays) and to dismiss it out of hand would be denying yourself a good time. As for any religious allusions, if one wants to read that into it, one can if one chooses, but that's way overthinking it if you ask me,

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    I found it entertaining for what it is, a comic book movie. It was good but not great and about what I had expected. The crux of the movie was his inner conflict on whether to be a hero or not. I liked the fact that it had a darker feel and was less campy. The problem with superman is that he is indestructible unlike batman.
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    This was my first superhero movie since watching Superman and Superman 2 in the theater. Never seen any of the Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, etc...movies so I did not know what to expect. First of all I loathed the computer graphic effects as they look entirely too unnatural. I didn't feel like i was watching real people, real animals or real air crafts. Instead it looked like a high tech cartoon. It's like in the Godzilla movies you know the monsters are people in rubber suits but yet you can also tell it's something that takes up space and something you can touch. This computer generated stuff looks artificial with no depth and not the way things should look under natural light.

    It was also my first 3D movie since the early 80's and I was not impressed. The first few scenes i was like, "oh that's kinda cool i guess" but very soon after it became far too annoying.

    As for the story I thought it was acceptably decent and I allowed myself to enjoy the movie despite not liking the visual effects and thinking I would hate it to begin with.

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