This film was done very well and tells the depressing story behind the making of the movie Deep Throat, which was the first iconic porn film. The film first goes through the whole timeline just showing all the good stuff, then goes back in time and replays showing what was really going on.

This poor girl was being beaten and pimped out by her husband who forced her into doing the movie to pay off debt. And then forced her to do more movies and whatever he told her to do with whoever. When she tried to get help from her mother, she was told to go back to her husband and obey him. The mother did not fully understand the situation until watching an interview on the Donnahue Show much later.

It turns out she was in the "Business" for a total of 17 days but it defined the rest of her life as we know it. The film eventually made upwards of 600 million yet she was earned a whopping $1250 for her work.

She eventually was able to get rid of Chuck Traynor after going to the film execs badly beaten. They forced him out of her life. He eventually married Marilyn Chambers.

Linda went on to write a best selling book called Ordeal that sold out 3 printings and pretty much tells this depressing story in detail. She died from injuries in a car crash in 2002 and Chuck died 2 months later of a heart attack.

There is only implied sex and a little topless shots, no hard sex. But, I now have to dig out my old never watched copy of Deep Throat to see the other side of the story.

Lots of well knowns in this such as
Peter Sarsgaard
Amanda Seyfried
Sharon Stone
Robert Patrick

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