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    Talking Lost in Translation....

    I know some folks on here really, really hated this movie but I watched it on DVD last night and loved it. I loved it's pacing, its sense of style. The ragged unplanned way the relationship went which reminds me of how life truly is. The dialogue was priceless and Bill Murray was right to get an Oscar nomination for his role. He was amazing. My fave scene is in the hospital waiting room, when he's having a bizarre conversation with this old Japanese man/woman (for the life of me I couldn't tell which) and there's these two japanese ladies in the background just dying laughing and he's totally playing it straight. A marvelous film.

    Also available with a DTS track and the bonuses were outstanding. You could do a lot worse.

    Da Worfster

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    I found it engrossing . But, I do think it's one of those movies that's more enjoyable if I'm in the right mood. I found it sort of melancholy - (I know, I sound like a girl), but some films like David Lynch's Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me, Fellini's 8 1/2, The Bicycle Thief, etc. are just better when I've had it with work, people, (fill in the blank). I agree with you about the realism (it nailed the remodelling - choosing tile, lighting, furniture), but I thought it worked as an escapist film too. Maybe that's due to the pacing you mentioned which I found hypnotic.

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    I don't pay much attention to the "hype" of certain movies, I happened to watch this particular one at the right moment (I call it mood).

    I think this movie does a fantastic job of breaking conventional boundaries.


    You would think the movie is going somewhere with the relationship between Bill and Scarlett, but like the title suggests both are just lost in a sort of midlife crisis (the conventional film would probably lead the two to be together somehow, but this isn't the case). The setting and being in a whole other 'foreign' place suggests an almost perfect scenario to go along with this idea of being lost. My favorite part is where the Japanese photographer is using so much verbal language to describe a simple movement ("you want me to turn from the left?")... It's too bad this part isn't subtitled...

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    Lip my stockings.

    Right on worfster, i agree, just bought this and watched it again since seeing it in the theater and thoroughly enjoyed it again.
    I haven't checked any of the behind the scenes stuff yet, but am both so curious and don't want to know at all what it was he whispered into her ear at the end, which, i think, is the whole point.

    and am glad that it wasn't subtitled in the photoshoot scene, that would've lost the whole point of that scene i think.

    only behind the scenes thing i've heard was the party/karoake scene, which they just arranged for the party to happen and then had two shooters who just shot and let the cast run with it (worrying about song rights after the fact), which worked.

    what a talented family. check out CQ by Roman, sofia's brother, who was also 2nd unit Dir on LIT.


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