This 2007 film is based on best seller novel of the same name. The story is that two young boys who grow up in Afghanistan in 70ís grow up and thru series of events (including Russian invasion) and Taliban take over of Afghanistan.

One of the boys move to USA and after 20 years, he goes back to Afghanistan during Taliban era to rescue his friendís son.

Have never read the book, so observation is solely on film. The movie have three main acts with boys (Amir and Hassan) in Afghanistan, adult life in America and rescue mission in Afghanistan.

The first act is probably the best as film's opening 50 minutes are deeply affecting and beautifully crafted about portrait of joys and sorrows of friendship.

The second act of life in USA as an adult is engaging, but never quite manages to hit the same level of emotional impact contained within the film's first half.

The final act of rescue mission in Afghanistan is also engaging, but it feel so rushed and unrealistic.

IMO the film should have been longer as its two hour run omit much of character development and back ground story. I am guessing the book cover these bases much deeply than two hour movie allow. But it is an engaging film nevertheless.

There are couple of excellent performances by actors including Amirís boyhood friend Hassan, and Amirís father Baba. The weakest link in performance is probably by main character Amir as an adult. He just donít seem right for the part and lack emotional impact of other characters in the film.

Four out of five stars