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    "The Kid's Are Alright"

    First, I'm pissed they didn't use the classic Who song anywhere but I did love the mostly unknown to me Indie soundtrack. Gonna have to git me some of this new fangled music. As for the film it is a solid "B". strong acting from Annette Benning, Julienne Moore and Mark Ruffalo at the top and the kids at the bottom of the billing bring life to an excellent script by Lisa Cholodenko. Ms. Cholodenko also directs and does a pretty stunning job. Crackling dialogue, real life situations and drama make this one excellent time at the movies. Look for her to get an Oscar nod perhaps for best original screenplay.


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    Love those good "unknown "B" movies, thanks for the tip. Too bad they didn't play that Who song, "The Kids are Alright" I'm a big who fan, especially everything up to "Who Next". Don't get me wrong, I still like the songs after "Who's Next" but to me the albums before were all good (not much "filler"), and unique for that period.Timeless.

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