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    John Wayne's '3 Godfathers'

    Must admit that never seen this Wayne's 1948 movie directed by John Ford. Picked it on DVD and must admit this little gem of a movie.

    The first thing that strike a viewer is picture quality. Shot in Technicolor, the picture is very vibrant, bright and sharp. The scond is cinemagraphy as John Ford's signature DeathValley landscpe shots are in top form.

    And John wayne is also in top form as a part of trio bank robbers (with Harry Carry Jr. and Pedro Armendáriz) that head for desert after a heist, and on their way stumble upon a dying pregnant women that gives birth to a baby. Out of water and with Sheriiff (Ward Bond) in their tale, they take baby with them and Carry and Pedro die on the way trying to get the baby to safety.

    Pedro Armendáriz also does a marvelous job as Wayne's side kick and it is fun watching him going toe to toe with Wayne on the screen.

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    John Ford rocks!!

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