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    Hawaii Five-O

    Did anyone watch the premiere of this last night? I've never seen the original so I can't compare, but I really enjoyed last night's episode of this remake that is totally new to me. I was on the edge of my seat for the full hour. The body count in the first five minutes was probably up there with some of the best high budget hollywood action films.

    I understand that the original was a very serious drama. In the new version it seemed like a nice balance of serious and campiness. The dialogue between McGarrett and Danno was quick, sarcastic, witty, and fun to listen to.

    I promised myself that I wasn't going to watch any new shows this year, but if the writers can keep this up I just might have to make an exception.

    Daniel Dae Kim scored a role in this, which is what prompted me to watch it in the first place. I have to say that it was pretty lucky on his part to score a role in a major TV show filmed in Hawaii, right after finishing Lost which was also filmed in Hawaii. He's probably the only member of Lost's cast and crew who didn't have to move.

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    hhmmm... its not so much they recycled the Five-O brand, but did they had to re-use the names? Just so they could reset the "book'em Danno" tagline? I was never a fan of the old show, namely because it was just that, an old show. Dig the chick that played Boomer on Battlestar Gallactica though. Seeing her in a bikini will definitely rock.
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    I tried to watch this last week. The last half of the show and really couldn't get into it. I guess I'm spoiled by some of the writing and "don't take ourselves too serious" from USA Network.

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    The things that the original Hawaii Five-O had going for it were the then-exotic locale, the uber-cool theme music and opening montage, and Jack Lord. At that time, Hawaii Five-O was the longest running crime series of all-time. Sure, it was formulaic and got a bit old by the end of its run, but those familiar elements kept viewers attached for 12 seasons.

    Nowadays, you got Hawaiian travel documentaries galore on cable, millions of people have now been to Hawaii, and a lot of Honolulu at least has modernized such that it looks a lot of other stateside cities. It's not this exotic foreign-looking land anymore.

    From what I've seen so far, Alex O'Loughlin is no Jack Lord.

    And even the new Hawaii Five-O is a rarity nowadays in that it has a bona fide theme song and opening montage -- they chopped the arrangement in half!

    But, I will say that the show is nice brainless entertainment with some decent eye candy. And there's something to be said for a prime time scripted series that's not trying to overlay all these convoluted serialized plot threads that require viewers to follow the twists every week. Sometimes I just want to tune in one week, and not worry about what comes next week.
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