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    It had to happen...

    Sooner or later, with all the sequels coming out of Hollywood, it had to happen.

    Here are a few more modest suggestions, if you can stand it

    The Good, the Brokeback, and the Ugly
    Broke-Chop Hill
    Sands of Iwo Brokeback
    The Green Berets – Brokeback Platoon
    Wallace & Gromit – Curse of Brokeback Mountain
    Pirates of the Caribbean II – Brokeback Ship
    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Brokeback
    How Stella Got Her Groove Brokeback

    I think you get the picture. Got any more?

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    No, but a friend of mine were kicking around gay porn (not that there's anything wrong with that) knockoffs after seeing Underworld (which was god-awful, BTW) the other day. The most obvious, yet brilliant was the oh-so-very subtle "Brokeback Mountin'.

    The rest of the results were.......well, not postable. But you can imagine, I'm sure.
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