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    Friday Night Lights

    Was it just me or did I just watch "Varsity Blues" again? Anyway, I guess they really like Football in Texas.

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    Sad part is I wished I just watched Varsity Blues again. Call me old fashioned but there was way too much touchy feely, and not enough guts in Friday Night Lights

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    Red face "Friday Night Lights" was NOT "Varsity Blues"

    I watched FNL over the weekend and found it to be a great and compelling movie. How you feel about it will vary with your perspective on football. I played football in the Army and for a while in the 90's. If you ever strapped em up then this movie rings truer than true. Football is the closest thing to combat there is in modern American life. You cannot overstate it. Those kids were, as the coach was saying... "defending their home and loved ones"... The pressure they were under was unbelievable but I think the film handled it masterfully. My ole lady, who hates the game, sat mesmerized and my 11 year old knucklehead learned a few things as well... I thought it was a great flick. But that's me, an offensive ex-Offensive lineman talking.

    "Varsity Blues" on the other hand was pure Hollywood. The coach was a villain just this side of Adolph Eichman. The characters were so archtypically drawn that it was just plain ludicrous and the Hollywood ending pheh... You can but shouldn't compare the two. One was based on a novel, the other on the real deal.

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