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    Talking First movie that you....

    Made out to:
    Aliens (weird, but i wasn't complaining hearing "we better get inside, it'll be dark soon and they mostly come out at night... mostly" as creepy as that was).

    Got down with (2nd base or greater):
    First Knight (have no idea what happenned in this movie)

    Got busy with it playing in the background (assuming you weren't still paying attention to the movie at that point in time):
    North by Northwest (yet another reason why he is one of my fav directors ever)

    Got busy with yourself with it playing in the foreground:
    Streetcar Named Desire (haha, j/k, don't like brando THAT much)
    tie: Melody in Love/ Porky's

    Quoted from/ impression of that impressed a chick (or dude):
    Dracula (i do a dead on gary oldham "the children of the night... vhat beuutiful muusic they make" "i have crossed ooooossshens of time thu bee vith you")

    Serious crush developed from:
    From Russia with Love - good lord they don't make bond girls like they used to.

    (add any more categories you can think of too!)

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    Man, I can't remember any of that stuff. Although I do remember Tanya Roberts in "Sheena" as being quite a highlight of my childhood.

    The first movie I ever saw in a theatre was "Young Frankenstein", Star Wars: A New Hope was #2
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    Made out to:
    Poltergeist - this movie was pretty damn scary, which is perfect for chicks jumping into your arms. Thanks, Spielberg.

    Got down with (2nd base or greater):
    I have no idea what was on the screen. Seriously. Two words: Crotchless panties.

    Quoted from/ impression of that impressed a chick (or dude):
    Real Genius; "Do you still run?" "Only when chased." Laughter is always the best ice-breaker.

    Serious crush developed from:
    Conan the Destroyer: I still dream of Olivia D'Abo! Those lucious, full lips, her breasts heaving in that loose fitting white tunic, her


    What were we talking about??

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    Made out to: Purple Rain.

    2nd Base: Purple Rain.

    Farther than 2nd Base: Purple Rain.

    What can I say, it was a good night. And we snuck in because we were not 18. I have always liked Prince's music ever since. The song "Let's Go Crazy" has a whole nuther' meaning for me today.

    And what's with "Got busy with yourself with it playing in the foreground", Pee Wee!

    Allright, fine............. Basic Instinct.


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    I couldn't remember for the life of me. The whole point of going to the movies was not to watch the movie, right? I do recall getting rejected by a blind date watching the 1st Jurassic Park. I tried to lean in for a kiss and got the cold shoulder. Man that was a long 2 hrs.

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