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    how much better does a dvd look on a HD tv vs a standerd tv 10% better or more than that, im thinking about moveing up to HD and because you guys on here seem to know alot about movies i thought i would ask , im talking about RPTV, thank you

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    Yes, they do look better. Hard to put a % on it becuse some DVD transfers are better than others. 10 - 25% better.

    Even non-HD broadcast stuff on the HD channels (like most of the stuff on ESPN) looks a lot clearer when it's on the HD channel.

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    I have a friend who has a really nice home theater system. I think the key was the line doubler -- HD only looked better when it was direct-to-digital, such as Late Night with Jay Leno -- and just how much of that can you watch?

    I'd say invest in a line-doubler. Let's put it this way -- I couldn't even tell the difference between Superbit and non-Superbit, really.
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