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Thread: City of God

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    City of God

    Anyone seen this flick yet? A roommate of mine purchased it on DVD and we watched it. He's hailing it as the best film he's seen in the past few years. period.

    I very much liked and plan on watching it again soon. The plot is constantly moving and you want to find out what happens next.

    It's also interestin to see that it's based on a true story (says in the end). Whether or not it's even close to the real story doesn't matter, this is a good movie.

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    Red face I saw this film over a year ago...

    I wrote it up here as an amazing film. It is to "The Godfather " what "Deadwood" is to John Wayne. This crime drama was so real, so vibrant so "true" that I had a hard time going back to stuff like the Soparano's. How true was it? When they show TV interviews with the real life persons that the film is based on and they say line for line what they said in the film, whew... it's pretty rugged. Great film.

    Da Worfster

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