Chronicles of Riddick - dissapointed by this. basic enough idea for the movie, but then they split it into two main sequences, and don't develop either very well. While the whole 'world-destroyers' is set up, they don't go into any detail as to what is really going on with these necromongers, who judy dench's character is, why the hell judy dench is in this movie, or anything else beyond this pseudo 'jihad' the necromongers are on. Apparently there is another whole universe called the underverse and these necromongers want to go there and take everyone with them, whether they want to go or not. In the event they don't want to convert to the necromonger religion, you get killed rather than just live in peace in the (i thought) infinitely large universe (not sure how big the underverse is). And then, just as that plot begins to develop, Riddick jumps worlds and goes to this prison world and then that story line isn't developed much either. Was hoping for a good, fun sci-fi action flick, especially since i really enjoyed Pitch Black. I guess since Pitch Black was so much under the radar, i didn't have any expectations, with Riddick, my only expectation was for a fun flick and... eh, didn't entirely deliver. Interesting planets, locations, etc, but again, my whole suspension-of-belief pet peeve kicked in big time. If you give us some rules, you gotta stick to those rules, you can't just keep changing them, imo. Vin's alright as Riddick, but was much better the first time around. he's not so much the anti-hero as they say he is. And don't even get me started on the ending... don't want to give any spoilers, but ugh, talk about your deus-ex-machina at work.

Mean Girls - the exact opposite from above. I thought this was going to be a really cheesy girly movie, and don't ask how i got dragged in the first place to see it, BUT, this was a funny funny funny movie. Goes to show you what the head writer at SNL can do (tina fey). i have no idea about the book it's based on, but the script is incredibly smart and witty and funny. the characters here are all well developed and there were plenty of times the whole audience laughed out loud, and there were about 15 people in the theater the time we went. this was not your basic, teen revenge flick, even though it did follow the general rules of such a film, girl makes friends, betrays friends/parents/teachers, wins friends/parents/teachers back, it does it with intelligence and fun. even the supporting cast with tim meadows as the principle fires on all cylinders, but then again, a lot of the supporting cast were SNL members and the chemistry was easy to see there.

So... i guess i never would have predicted this, but i'd say between the two, skip RIddick and go see Mean Girls.