Just saw Big Fish and thought it was wonderful. I haven't read the book yet, so can't make any comparisons there, but I really enjoyed the story. Really just falls in that a tale well told category for me. Don't want to give anything away, but the plot is simple enough, a boy comes home when he hears news that his father's condition has worsened and wants to learn the truth about his own dad apart from all the strange, fantastic stories his father told him as a child and continued to as he grew older.
Ewan McGregor continues to shine, albert finney was great, jessica lange was great. Billy Crudup i thought did a good job, but was hoping for just a bit more from him. the supporting cast of characters all were cool and just really enjoyed the movie. good emotional tale.
the same story is in The Barbarian Invasions which am gonna see soon. Read from ebert that was a far superior movie and he didn't like this one, so, eh. Not finding myself trusting his opinion too much lately.
Tim Burton really nails this one and, as always, its a beautiful looking movie with set design and cinematography. Highly reccomended, definitely one of the best of year for me so far.