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Thread: Banned movie posters

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    Banned movie posters

    This poster – featuring Woody Harrelson wearing nothing but a pair of star-spangled underwear – was banned by the Motion Picture Association of America, which didn’t clarify whether the ban was for its excessive adult themes or offensive religious symbolism.

    Depicting stuffed animals in various obscene positions, this poster was also rejected from display in America by the MPAA. They are actually wrestling.

    Nobody was surprised when this gory poster was rejected for display in Australia by advertising company Adshel for being “too gruesome”. The producers stated that they “wanted to stand out from the crowd” and to their credit, and they succeeded on that front.

    This one isn’t quite so obvious at first glance, but look towards the bottom of the poster. This poster was censored for adult content – despite the fact that both actors appear fully clothed.

    Ali G Indahouse:The Advertising Standards Authority banned this poster in the United Kingdom after they reportedly received over 100 complaints that the poster was too offensive for public display.

    Despite the fact that the poster contains no real nudity, partial or otherwise, the focus on the subject’s ample breasts was enough to warrant a ban in 1943.

    This poster was banned for supposedly “glamorising the use of guns and violence”, despite the producers’ defence that the guns in the image are intentionally directed away from the viewer

    This poster was censored by the MPAA for horrifying imagery and the depiction of torture. What makes this case particularly interesting is that the poster was eventually allowed to be displayed, with one slight modification – a leg was protruding from the sack, instead of an arm. Best guess as to the ban is that the hand makes it clear the victim is alive.

    Top 10 Movie Banned Posters -
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    Thanks, Smoke!

    I took a film history class my first year in college. The prof. was obsessed with young Jane Russell so we watched at least one of her films, maybe more. At that time, I knew her from Playtex bra commercials.

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    I remember seeing her with Bob Hope and Roy Rodgers in "Son of Paleface". Pretty hot.

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