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    anyone seen the david Lynch Remastered films

    I really want to get Eraserhead and the Short Films dvds, especially Eraserhead, one of my favorite movies, but s%#* $40 plus shipping. Has anyone bought them or seen the remastered one?

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    "Eraserhead" is absolutely worth the money. It appears almost three-dimensional at times. I saw it in a theatre when it first came out, and I don't recall it looking that good (though it's been many, many years). I remember that the print was dirty and battered, even though the film was new. It's apparent that much care was lavished on the remaster.

    The soundtrack is a solid 2.0. I understand Lynch wanted to stay true to the original, so he didn't remix it to 5.1. It's very clear, and quite enveloping, even without the surround.

    A good, though cryptic, documentary is included; no commentrax or chapter stops (standard for Lynch DVDs - he wants viewers to watch from start to finish, as edited, and not hopscotch around). Packaging is an artifact in itself, though the disc is a little hard to get in and out. Even comes in a custom shipping box.


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