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Glad to have found this thread. I watched Mystic River a couple evenings ago. About a half hour into the movie, I got out the SPL meter.....settings were ok. After a few more "what did they say" from the wife, I thought "what's wrong with the center speaker.
Put in another DVD and "hey, back to being able to hear what they are saying.
Glad it wasn't just me thinking this movie had it's dialog too low.

Oh, and I do notice a difference between DTS and Dolby. I prefer DTS
THANK YOU LYNN FOR RESPONDING TO THIS SO EVERYONE KNOWS I WAS NOT MAKING THIS UP ABOUT MYSTIC RIVER'S SOUND.....THE DIALOGUE WAS HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY UNINTELLIGIBLE.....reference levels were extremely surpassed while watching this DVD.....I am glad I am not the only one who found this.....my better half, as well, replied that she couldnt hear most of the dialogue on this disc. THANK YOU for replying with the same conclusions.

And you are ABSOLUTELY right.....DTS is the preferable soundtrack choice especially for action oriented films....of course, there are some occasions where DTS simply adds nothing to a soundtrack or sounds exactly the same as its DD counterpart -- RARE occasions such as on Anchor Bay's "Dawn of the Dead" (nearly non-existent DTS sound....why bother?) and Universal's "Airport" (in 5.1 DTS remix, but you would NEVER know it....sounds mono).