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    Actors with great mustache

    Some people donít look good with facial hair (me included), so when I see a person or celebrity with mustache that compliment their look, it make me envy.

    Not in any particular order:

    Eddie Murphy: He look much better with a mustache

    Charles Bronson: Make him look so ragged

    Errol Flynn: He made mustache fashionable

    Tom Selleck: TVís most famous mustache

    Burt Reynolds: He look so naked without one

    Billy Dee Williams: Definition of cool

    Clark Gable: Poster perfect

    Sam Elliot: Too bushy for me, but he look good

    Charles Chaplin: Most recognizable mustache
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    How could you fergit Wilford Brimley!?

    there's even a song 'bout his 'stache

    Wilford Brimley's gotta nice mustache
    I know he used to whoop a lotta ass
    As a man, I wouldn't hide it
    As a woman, I would ride it
    Wilford Brimley has a nice mustache
    Repost this on your wall if you love Jesus.

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    I have nothing to add other than a little praise for Smokey. Once again, a nice off-beat, entertaining thread.

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    Thanks Dean martin

    Quote Originally Posted by 3LB
    How could you fergit Wilford Brimley!?[/i]
    Who could forget

    I don't know, but his 'stache is too much front and center for me. I mean when you look at his face, all you see is mustache LOL
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    6,852 did I miss this the first time around?!

    I think that Burt pretty clearly looks the goofiest without his so maybe that earns an "MVP 'stache Award". If one expands the category to "celebrities" or "public figures" Duck's bruiser George Parros gets the nod with the amazingly retro 80s "pornstache"...

    Great thread Smokester, thanks for the laugh...
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    Thanks guys

    How about not so good looking 'stach

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