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    Actor Robin Williams is dead at 63

    I thought Robin be the last one to commit suicide as he seem so jolly on TV all the time. The news is that he been battling depression. I been thru deprerssion and its like hell on earth. But IMO susicide is not the asnwer.

    Anyway, he brought alot of pleasure to his fans thru his film and TV career and he still had 20 more of years productive years ahead of him if he lived. It is so sad and thanks for eveything.


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    What Dreams May Come

    For anyone who is not aware of this very underrated and under watched movie, I highly suggest you see it or for those who have, watch it again.

    The visuals alone for the time it was made are stunning. And without turning anything religious, the second half of the movie is largely based on Emanuel Swedenborg's most famous writings, Heaven & Hell. In his book H&H, he outlays his beliefs in what Heaven and Hell really are and it's makeup of levels and rings closer to or farther away from the center of the sphere, his God. The movie may not make as much sense without understanding the context and writings it was modeled after. But even without knowing all that, the movie is stunning, just like his career, life and now his death.

    Long Live his spirit, compassion, and comedy!

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    I remember what few interviews I'd seen him do, when he wasn't riffing he could seem almost sullen. Severe depression and addiction for him was a life long battle and it finally got the best of him.

    Genius is a real motherfucker ain't it?
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