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    The 3 Stooges: Get or No Get?!!!

    I've long time friend who owns and runs the local art theatre in town ( I've known Sugi and her family for almost 30 years. We talk about film weekly, sometimes daily. But in our years of discussions and arguements one thing has become quite clear to me. In some respects the world can be divided along one basic line.

    Those who "get" the 3 Stooges...
    Those who don't get em.

    I've tried for decades to convince Suge that when seen on the LARGE SCREEN the Stooges are far funnier than the black and white postage stamps we saw as kids on after school T.V. The timing the banter the physical torture of Moe Larry and Curley (I'll give you Shemp but just barely) is nothing short of Shakesperean in scope. When I say this, she usually rolls her eyes and throws something heavy at my haid. So I'm askin' my friends here, which side do you line up on?


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    I always loved the stooges but not sure if they were the best ever. A guy I work with has acousin who owns and runs the Stoogeum not too far from here. I have yet to check it out but they had a Team Building day for the Development department there during the summer. Everyone loved it.

    Curly was always my fav, hated Joe and Little Joe.

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    Paging Dr. Howard, Dr, Fine, Dr. Howard . . .

    I grew up watching the Stooges on one of those 12" B&W TV that Worf describes. Still love them and find they have infused my life with many oft repeated catch-phrases and mannerisms.

    My wife enjoys them too, but not as much as I do. I've found that generally, the popularity lines on the Stooges are drawn by sex: men love them, women hate them. Their loss.

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    I've only met one guy ever that didn't love The Stooges. Dude was a dick anyway. I've only known one woman ever that loved them - she was very attractive actually.

    Loved the original shorts, hated the movies. In fact, I cringed at the Stooges schtick outside the context of their theatrical shorts. I remember seeing a nearly white-headed Moe Howard on the old Mike Douglas Show (what was up with dude's set?) and Moe was just obnoxious as hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy
    I've found that generally, the popularity lines on the Stooges are drawn by sex: men love them, women hate them. Their loss.
    That's been my experience too. I don't get 'em.

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    3 Stooges = concentrated stupidness; symptomatic of everything that is wrong with the world.

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    I always liked the Stooges. Curly was my favorite.They were one of the pioneers of satire, yet as a kid never realized it till later years. They just made me laugh.Back then, and still today.

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    FA, you were the perfect woman until your confession of the lack of appreciation for the 3 Stooges

    Feanor, you are the perverbial grumpy old man.

    Keep in mind when they were big in the beginning there wasn't animation so they were pioneers to the stuff you see on some Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry. Remember stuff like Moe drawing the saw across Curley's head and the teeth are all bent and Curley is fine? These guys were great, Moe asks Curley why he is eating burnt toast and some other nasty stuff for breakfast, he says, " I have a tape worm and that's what it deserves" or something like that. Or, the one where Curley becomes the wrestler and the cheese makes him go crazy? LOLOLOLOL "Moe... Larry... Cheese!!! Moe... Larry... cheese!!!".

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