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    3 movies, 2 good 1 bad

    Saw just a few movies recently. Two of which were really good while the last one sucked.

    Case 39 - This is a really good thriller with a great twist halfway through about a Child Protective Services person, Renee Zelwenger, who takes on the case of a little girl having trouble and finds the parents trying to kill the girl. Then the twist hits and it's a good one. I liked this movie a lot as it was not a blood and guts movie but still kept you on edge wondering what the heck is gonna happen next.
    Two Snaps Up!

    Sanctum - This is a cool movie about people exploring one of the largest cave systems in the world. The Esa'ala Cave is a large partially unexplored cave in the Esa'ala District of Papua New Guinea. Lots of tense action after disaster strikes the team trying to retreat before a massive storm floods the caves. Again this film keeps you wondering what next as things deteriorate below. Another good movie done well by James Cameron.
    Two Snaps Up!

    Monsters - This lame movie pretty much sucked and went nowhere. Loosely based on a NASA discovery of life elsewhere and the proof lost as it re-enterd earthhs atmosphere so a large area between US and Mexico became an infected zone. Main story is a photagrapher trying to get the daughter of the owner of his Mag home to US safely. You never really see what the creatures look like except a giant walking octopus. This one is not even worth the $1.00 rental at Redbox.
    Hated It!

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    Those three were below my radar. I'll take the two out of three and I'll let you know what I think.

    Love the revival of the "two snaps up". Let me know which film earns "a twist".


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    I haven't seen Sanctum yet, but i had the polar opposite reaction to the other two movies.

    I thought Case 39 was just horrible, and I really love Ian McShane, but this was just not well done at all. Nothing new and not even well executed for rehashing similar material.

    Monsters I thought was amazing. It was a fantastic 'sci-fi' story that was all about story and nothing about effects (although there certainly were a ton of effects shots in the movie). i was thoroughly engaged with the heart-of-darkness-in-reverse-esque journey they were taking to get across the border back to civilization. And i thought the best part was not seeing the 'Monsters' and then the reveal of what was going on at the end was very nicely done, imo.

    So... just another POV

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    Sanctum is amazing movie about the braveness of human being who never gives up no matter what happens. I want to watch Case 39 this weekend

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    I also liked Monsters. Thought it was less about the monsters and more about the relation between the characters and the journey. I enjoyed the photo journalist approach to the cinematography as it gave you time and inclination to think about living outside the bubble of the first world. I even started thinking of the monsters as a visual metaphor for the mighty US and it's (largely unrecognized) potential impact on our neighbors. I'm no poli-sci guy; that's just what I got out of it, especially when the wall at the border shows up. Anyway, agree it's not a great movie but do think it rises well above the usual B-movie.

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    I watched two first films. Case 39 is very interesting and spine chilling, just as I like)) There is also one movie which is quite similar to it - Orphan.
    Sanctum is also a good movie but I'm still too crazy about everything supernatural))

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    I also liked Monsters.

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