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    Post What is the Best Home Digital Music System

    I recently purchased the Musiccast home audio system by Yamaha. I chose the system because I wanted to listen to my MP3s, Tuner, and TV in different rooms from my in wall speakers. I wanted to be able to control what I listened to via a in-wall client. The Musiccast system worked great except for the fact that it can not access or transfer my MP3s from home computer. The dealer is now proposing a system called Control 4

    Does anyone have any experience with these type of systems and can make any recommendations. I want to keep the cost in line with the Musiccast and control 4.

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    You already asked this question in another forum; in my opinion, the answer is the same: The best "system" is the Squeezebox:

    It's comparatively inexpensive, extremely powerful, and offers excellent quality sound.

    What more could you want, really?
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