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    There are many vibration control devices available on the market. Some of these devices, such as foam blocks, claim to isolate components from outside vibrations. Other devices, metal spikes, claim to keep down the internal vibrations that devices produce.

    Has anyone tried either of these devices? Do they actualy work? I tied using pieces of a sponge under my cd player and couldn't here a difference. Also many of the vibration control devices are marketed for use with amplifiers and turntables as well as cd players. I can see how they might help a tuntable, and possibly a cd player , but how could they possibly affect the sound of an amplifier.

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    A lot of these kinds of devices are carryovers from the analog days, when isolation devices DID make an impact on the sound quality. With digital sources, the only reason for going with isolation would be to reduce skips or other signal interruptions. I'm trying to find something along those lines for my CD player because my audio rack doesn't absorb the vibrations very well, and it does lead to skipping when someone's stomping too close by.

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