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    Transferring music files from Yamaha Musicast MCX-1000

    I have an old Yamaha MCX-1000 that has roughly 80 GB of music files stored on it and I'd like to transfer those files to my computer. Is there any way at all to do this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

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    I understand the process to be a headache. You will need software updates from Yamaha that allow you to put the MCX in transfer mode...there are other packages on the market but I understand they can brick your MCX1000.

    -call/email Yamaha tech support for info
    -check out AVS forums (networking, media servers, streaming forum) search MCX1000
    -take the MCX1000 to a local Yamaha dealer and see if they can transfer the files...I have heard that there is a charge for this.

    Nonetheless, the process can be performed and it is SLOW. Best of luck.

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