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    Does anyone out there have any experience with portable music playback devices? I was wondering if the i-Pod is any good, or are there portable rbcd players that do not skip and eat batteries?...I have read the discussions that are posted, and it seems that there is a lot of animosity in this group (rbcd is better than sacd and is better than vinyl and is better than live????? I just enjoy listening to good music irregardless of the FORMAT)...I am not looking to provoke...just wanting something that I can take while out on a walk or a run or a bike ride... any sugestions?

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    I recently...

    I recently bought a portable device. The Nomad Zen NX by creative with a storage capacity of 30GB and an 8MBRAM Proc.

    I'm very pleased with it. I actually did a lot of research before buying it.
    I read Belgian magazines.
    Everybody speaks highly of the Ipod, and so they should. But....
    The Ipod is, quite frankly, quite expensive and does not have the best sound-reproduction. When it comes to looks the Ipod is a definite winner and the ease of the software is exemplary as well as the storage capacity. (15GB, 30GB, 60GB)

    I chose out of three models:
    Philips HDD100 15GB (499) (89%)
    Ipod 15GB (499) (93%)
    Creative Zen NX (349) (95%)

    The Philips was interesting as it is able to instantly record without computer but to rudimentary in controls and no good software!
    The Ipod was too expensive for only 15GB, no real super sound quality and way to accessorized.
    I chose the Zen NX for the 30GB space, the outstanding software, the quick data transfer, exemplary sound quality (neodymium), and of course the price. Certainly and without discussion the best value for money.

    It's really depends on what your looking for.
    I hope this was helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canyouhearit
    just wanting something that I can take while out on a walk or a run or a bike ride... any sugestions?
    Just be careful-the roads are dangerous enough for cyclists and maybe not the best place for headphones. Trails may be another story, I don't ride'm enough to know.

    I'd probably be inclined to suggest sticking with a HD device for active use. I've searched and searched for an actual-jog proof- PCDP and haven't found one. Of course it may just be my clumsey gait. Actually they work if I carry them but when I try it with belts it goes back to skip-pause-and search city.

    Not that I doubt the correctness of the previous posts but if you wish to learn more about these devices you could certainly find plenty to read at Those people take portable audio to the extreme.

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    I have an ipod which has a 20 gig capacity. During the last few months I've load a couple of thousand tracks, converting the music to high grade MP3. The ipod is in a league of it's own, easy to use, massive capacity, a cool design and from an audio perspective sounds really good (particularly if you upgrade the stock phones). It is shockproof and could be used whilst excercising or riding. I share Jim's concerns though on using it whilst riding a bike or whatever.

    I personally think the technology and facilities on ipod make it head & shoulders above any other similar device though I would recommend you go for a firewire connection to download your music from the PC.


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