This is not a typical question. I'm rather a personal lover over the sound quality of digital files at all.
I'm from vinyl LPs generation used on gramochassis with midrange amplifiers, or tape decks. Sound was analog, cracked, full of noise. But there was something differente then todays digital files that doesn't exist today. I personally realized it quite recently when I heard one of my favorite recordings that I once owned on the vinyl LP. I'm not talking about 128-bit mp3, but about flac or ape files, which should be the same as the "original" master. Only theoretically. Indeed, when I heard that record and it was on Denon's high-quality devices, I thought I had a bad hearing. Maybe it will be true, we're all aging. Even it was not just my impression. It was jazzrock music of the 80's, irrelevant. Dynamics flat, bass like a well, the worst it was with cymbal/gentle drums or percussion depths (treble) that were virtually not there. For years I have been listening to music from digital sources, limiting mp3 to maximum. But it is really a misery where the "medium" quality of listening has come. Although I had the ability to hear super-quality devices differently from those who have invested high amounts, the subjective impression of the sound is almost the same.
I remember from the past analog sound processors that modified the sound of recordings. Are they sure today, will anyone share the experience, if this sound can be "improved"?
thx for replies