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    Rotel RCD-02 Vs. Rotel RCD-06

    Hello mates, I am looking to upgrade my system because the old Rotel RCD 930 AX is skipping tracks and is too expensive to repair. So I've been looking to some options, but here in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, is so hard to find other than Rotel, Onkyo, Pioneer or Denon, and it is harder to listen to this devices before buy them. Maybe I could get a NAD 542, but I am not sure. I am very happy with the old Rotel sound, so I am considering to upgrade to another Rotel CDP. The question is wich one could be better, the RCD-02 (older but HDCD decoder) or the RCD-06 (newer, and probably better DAC). Do you know if it is true?, Is the new RCD-06's DAC really better?.

    Haraman Kardon AVR 5500.
    B&W 603 Series front and central speakers.
    (B&W 650 Subwoofer).

    Thanks a lot.

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    Just an IMO...

    I like HDCD (whether it be due to the intrinsic value of the format or the extra attention paid during the mastering process generally speaking). However, given the dearth of HDCD material I would a) ascertain whather the 06 does, indeed, have a better DAC, and b) buy the unit with the better DAC.

    Happy hunting
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    i own a cambridge audio azur 540c and just this weekend, i gave the rotel rcd02 and rcd06 a good listen because i want to replace my azur with rotel. over tonality is exactly the same. what differs the 06 from the 02 is the cleanness of sound delivered to the speakers, the 06 has improved in terms of cleanness. with a price difference of only 2000 pesos, i am willing to opt for the 06 this time.

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