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    Question about my CD player

    Hi guys,
    I recently acquired a Denon 5 disc changer (I think the model is DCM-500AE or something like that... it has 500 in it anyway) - and although it is a CD player not a DVD player, it also boasts WMA and MP3 capabilities.
    Only thing is... It actually doesn't. I have made MP3 CDs just using Windows and yes, it plays them as long as you don't store the MP3s in FOLDERS on the disc - just raw mp3s (but not as a 'listenable' CD, just mp3 data CD) - so, we have a data CD that you'd normally expect a DVD player to play, or this CD player, and it does play them but every 4 or 5 seconds it skips by about a second.

    My first thought was maybe they were converted to mp3 at 48kHz not 44.1 but no - they're at 44.1. My second thought was to try WMAs so I tried that and the player does not acknowledge them AT ALL.
    I'm wondering if something I do during the conversion process isn't working - like maybe modern MP3 codecs don't match the player properly or something?
    Personally I am using Adobe Media Converter, but a downloaded MP3 from the musician's website had the same thing... Plays, sounds great but skips ahead a bit every 4 or 5 seconds, so it's unlistenable.

    I'd really like a CD player that also played mp3 data CDs so I want to try to sort it out if I can.

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    My own experience, (with a limited number of devices), is that CD players, DVD/Blu-ray players, "smart" TVs, etc., have a limited ability to handle data CDs (such as you created), OR flash drives and/or hard drives (via USB connection), and are often stymied by folders and always by complex directory structures -- my most recent disappointment was with our new Samsung "smart" TV. They are simply not a smart as computers.

    Actual computers are the best media servers, IMO. Other than that, media servers of various kinds can work very will too but, of course, you must use one of a type that doesn't require a TV screen to select and control your playback choices. Portable devices such as music players or smartphones will generally handle MP3's pretty well. There are also more up-market choices; an example is the Sony HAP-Z1ES which has had good reviews, see HERE.

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    Well, there were no folders on the disc - but I've never ever ever had a DVD player that was upset my MP3 files, just this CD player, which should supposedly play them. It's a bit annoying because it would be the perfect CD player if it did.
    Thanks anyway.

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