I purchased this boxed set and played the CDs on my Philips DVD795SA DVD/SACD Changer. To my surprise, it played the first 3 CDs with jump cuts; the 4th CD ("Beatles '65") didn't play at all. I exchanged the box at the store, and had the same problem with the new sample. All four CDs from the box set, however, played normally on my computer's DVD drive and at the store's CD player.

I thought the problem was my Philips changer; I wrote an e-mail to Audio Advisor, whom I purchased it from, describing my problem with the changer failing to read these CDs. They rather inelegantly replied that "Sometimes there is just 'something' about a disc that won't play. Sorry." Yep, thanks a lot.

The things is, my changer is not doing this with any other CDs, SACDs or DVDs, all of which play correctly.

Has anyone had a problem with "The Capitol Albums"? Has anyone had a similar problem with the Philips DVD795SA?