Hi, Im new in this forum.
I have too many years in the audio industry.
I have two new computers, one a Vaio PC and other a Macbook Black.
I have too many old speakers and amps and things like these.
I want to know if i can install one of these things (above) or these speakers, amps, eqs... to my computers or USB connection or whatever you think that i can approach these things.
2 JBL Speakers XLP 140.
1 Crossover Furman 2 Way X-312.
1 two channels eq DOD 830 Series II.
1 Samson studio amplifier Servo 240.
2 Harman Kardon sSignature Series PA 2200.
Panamax Max 1000+ surge protector / line conditioner.
1 Sony STR D 2070.
1 SONY Compact Disc Player CDP 550.

Tell me what can i do with these. This was part of my father hahaha and now we are moving to another house and i want to use this to pump up my room.
He is buying some Bose things so he is not interested in this.
Please Help ME!.