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    need a 'thin client' for living room...

    Hello gang, I just picked up a Synology NAS for streaming audio around the home.

    Now it's time to replace my ancient Slimbox in the living room with something else. Here are my requirements:

    - all flac
    - no need for DAC, since i'll use optical out to the Sunfire Amp
    - quality/solid build
    - (nice to have) visual for album cover. This is not critial since i'll be using DS Audio on tablet for most music browsing/selection.
    - internet radio

    My question for the group is:

    1) what hardware do you recommend? I'm looking at the Pioneer N-50, or the Cambridge Audio Stream Magic V2,
    but these seem overkill w/ their fancy DACs.

    2) has anyone setup something besides a HTPC to stream TIDAL, (the uncompressed Spotify)?

    Everything i'm finding in the 'network player' category includes a DAC, and most include amplifier! I dont want either of these things (and dont want to pay for them). Any help appreciated thanks in advance!


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    Sorry I can't suggest anything, but why are you so against a DAC?
    Also, what is the rest of your gear besides an amp?

    I stream most things thru my OPPO players with Samsung AllShare but also play FLAC files from Laptop thru a USB DAC and into my Pre Amp

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    A couple of devices that caught my attention lately are Windows-based media servers from PiPo and Asus -- although they don't seem to fill you very specific requirements.

    The PiPo X7 is remarkably cheap, (under US$120), and small yet runs Windows 8.1 ... PIPO X7 Windows 8.1 Smart Mini PC TV Box Media Player 2G RAM 32G ROM

    Still small but more powerful are the Asus Eee Box PCs that come as low as about US$250 ...

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