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    for mp3 listeners...

    I don't see very many threads about these so here's one.

    Since my new computer I spend about 90% of my music listening on my PC through an optical connection to my main system (mp3s mostly). I recommend anyone who uses Winamp to check out some of the DSP plug-ins they have. These are far more sophisticated than your average equalizer.

    There wasn't very many about 2 years ago, the only impressive one I've seen is one called DFX (superior audio enhancement tool made for mp3s and other digital formats). I've been using DFX for so long and I'm very pleased with it. The other day I went to the Winamp website and found an abudance of DSP plugin's... There are TONS of them... even some that some superior to my DFX one. The really good ones are trialware worth checking out. iZotope Ozone is an enhancer that has sound presets made specifically for certain artists and more! This is what's it does:

    "Unlike other "enhancers", it improves your music by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers. So instead of sounding harsh and hollow, your music sounds deep and full. The free version allows you to select from presets that simply make music sound better. The full version gives you control over a EQ, bass compressor, tube amplifier, and room simulator settings as well as a preset system that's simply unmatched."

    There are some free ones worth checking out. I find the Enhancer 017 plug-in better than my DFX one that I paid for.

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    thanks for the tip..

    I just purchased Winamp Pro and haven't played around with it much. I always thought the enhancement plug-ins might be gimmicky and unrewarding but I'll try some out.

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