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    Laptop as Digital Media Hub

    This is an official experiment. I thought I would use an old laptop (Pentium III - Dell) as an add on media hub for my audio system. I am using an Outlaw 1040 receiver with mono blocks to power ML fch, ML cch, Kef bch.

    I know that digital audio from computers is uniquely poor and I will need an external soundcard (audigy?) for the laptop. Will I need a separate DAC converter? Is the a good program that will duplicate tube amps? What other advice do you have? Thx.

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    Yes, I think the optimal way to go is to use the laptop as a server of digital info. Outsource the D/A conversion. I think you could skimp on the soundcard if it is only going to pass the digital info. But I would guess that a top quality soundcard would have better DACs for the money.

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    One option ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Chalk
    I like my M-Audio Sonica.
    I use an M-Audio Audiophile USB with my laptop. It provides a DAC, or your could connnected it a non-USB DAC that you already own.
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