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Thread: Killer deal

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    Killer deal

    I have been looking for a good cd player for awhile that possibly plays sacd and dvd audio but not a dvd player. I came across a marantz dv 7600 universal player on audiogon for 195 dollars in great shape. I bought it, because it retails at 900. Anyone know of the quality of this player for red book playback. It does play sacd and dvd audio so I will keep it for that purpose but am hoping it will play cds well too so I can save some bucks. What do you think. For example do you think this player will do better than the 5001.

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    Their are several great reviews on this model right here on this site. Just click on Browse Reviews, then M for Marantz, then Marantz, then DVD players, then the DV7600. I own the DV4200 which I use now as a 2nd CD player only (I upgraded to an HDMI capable Marantz DVD player recently) and it sounds super fanstastic. I switch between that and a Rotel RCD-1072. I like having two CD players just for the variety and it helps me appreciate each unit more. So IMO, I would say you will absolutely love playing redbook CD's on the DV7600. Reviews on the CD-5001 are also very good. Hard to say if the DV7600 sounds better with CD's than the dedicated CD-5001. You'll just have to compare them yourself. I'd say they're going to be close. Before I purchased the DV4200, I would swear that a DVD player could not sound that great with music CD's but I've changed my opinion on this since owning the DV4200. Leave it to Marantz. At some point though as you progress in this hobby, you will want to own a dedicated CD player of at least mid-fi quality say in the $800.00 to $1200.00 area. The Marantz SA-8001 for $900.00 is probably the single best buy out there right now for SACD's, CD's, and music overall. Other choices include the Cambridge Azur series, the Rega Apollo, etc But give them a good listen first. Hope this helps.

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    I've been thinking about buying the DV7001 but I cant find very many reviews on its SACD playback. I'd really like to see it compared to the new oppo 983.

    BM. it looks like you got a good deal.
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    I picked up a refurbished Marantz DV7600 from AC4L exclusively for 2-channel playback, and I really couldn't be happier.

    At the price I picked it up for, I figured the DV7600 was the least expensive Marantz player, including their CD only players, to feature their HDAM circuits, which I also figured was a good thing, but admittedly, I'm not entirely certain what role they play in the final sound, which is, IMHO as good as any player under in the $500-$1000 range.

    Also, I particularly like the sheer heft of the unit, that substance has surly factored into my impressions of this player.

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