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Thread: I became so tired of smooth and warm

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMichael View Post
    The Sony continues to impress. I did have problems on track 27 and 28 on Bryn Terfel's "Vagabond". This is the first time it has had problems with any tracks of all the discs I have played. I tried to play it in my Sony changer/cd recorder and the cd played properly. Then I thought maybe I need to put the SA 8001 back in the system so I have two SACD/cd players. I removed the Sony changer/recorder because when I copy cd's it does not need to be hooked up to the stereo. The "Vagabond" cd did play in the SA 8001 without issue.

    I had offers for the SA 8001 but was not sure what to sell it for or how long it might last due to age. I seem to have a hard time selling gear. I only have one integrated amp so I feel power poor. Oh and only one turntable but several cartridges and three extra phono preamps. I have four pair of speakers in the closet and some variety of stands. Oh and lots of copper to connect everything together.
    Sorry to hear about the issue with the Sony -- hopefully the problem doesn't "spread".

    For my part I've never had much problem parting with equipment replaced with newer. Really, it's the only thing that's made the hobby somewhat affordable for me.

    The SA8001 is getting old given it's a mechanical component; (tuners last forever). 40% of what you paid is about tops for what you can reasonably expect -- more is gravy if you can get it.

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    I pulled out an old Jane Siberry disc that used to have similar issues with some players. It played perfectly in the Sony. The "Vagabond" disc is over 77 minutes long with 28 tracks and exhibits no strangeness until tracks 27 & 28. Again this has been the only disc and I think I need to use my disc cleaner on it just to make sure I am not missing anything.
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