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    Do concerts on dvd sound better than on cd

    Hey guys. Awhile back I started to wonder if concerts on dvd, recorded in dolby digital sound better than the cd format. While I know there are exceptions to everything, by and large, is the dolby format better for stereo playback. For example, right now I am watching David Gilmour live at the royal albert hall and I think it sounds fantastic. Would it be fair to say that looking for bands on dvd is a sure way to get better sound given the dolby digital format and more room on the disc. I know dvd audio sounds a ton better than cd, to my ears, but I like dvds because of the visual aspect.

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    Dolby digital is a compressed format, whereas the audio on CDs is uncompressed, of course. However, I'm not sure how much this translates into sound quality. Some of my concert DVDs contain alternate soundtracks in dolby digital, dts and pcm. I have done some comparative listening test between the different soundtracks on a number of them. Subjectively, the results are somewhat inconclusive. There is a lot of variability from disc to disc. I think the main determining factors regarding sound quality are how well the audio was recorded in the first place, and how well it has been mixed.

    Incidentally, a couple of DVD's that I reckon have excellent sound quality are Eric Clapton's 'Live In Hyde Park' and 'One More Car, One More Rider'.
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    I have the Eagles, Hell Freezes Over both on CD and DVD and can not hear a difference when comparing them in 2 channel stereo.

    By the way, Dave Mattews Band have great live DVD's and so does Peter Gabriel.

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