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    digital or video filter? & Tivo & HDTV

    I'm looking into buying the Monster HTS 5100: here's a link to a picture of the back of it with corresponding filter labels:

    the components my question concerns: an HDTV (with built-in over-the-air tuner which i use to get local HD channels via an indoor antenna) but I subscribe to analog basic cable.

    I also have a series 2 TIVO.

    I was hoping I could get advice on which HTS 5100 filter would be best to filter these components (digital or video)? Should I plug my HDTV into the digital "HDTV" labeled plug on the HTS 5100 or the analog video filter labeled "TV/Monitor". Also should TIVO go in a digital filter plug or analog video?

    would there be ill affects to performance if the wrong plug is selected?

    I really appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thanks.

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    Monster probably has an online manual that will point you in the right direction. Having said that, I'd think long and hard before paying 700 dollars for what you can get for a lot less. I'm sure Monster will wax elegantly about the technology in this box and promise noticeable improvements in performance for your gear but I'd take this with a large grain of salt. If I were you I'd buy a surge protector from a reputable company like Panamax and a battery backup/surge protector for your Tivo. You'll be able to buy both for less than a quarter of what the Monster box will cost. If you must, buy the Monster box from a company that offers money back satisfaction guarantee and compare video and audio performance to less expensive surge protection.

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    Most of the labeling on the monster product is there simply to give you "someplace" to plug it in. If you've ever seen one of their newer hook-up brochures, it has all of their corresponding product colors in it.

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