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    optical to coax digital Converter

    My Onkyo 787 has 2 optical digital input and 2 coax digital inputs.
    Here is my problem:
    I just got HDTV w/built in tuner, so now I have:
    -DVD player w/optical out
    -HDTV w/optical out
    -Cable box w/optical out
    -400 disk CD player w/optical out

    So, I'd like to connect all 4 of my devices digitally, but need a conversion box for two of them, since I ran out of optical inputs.

    I did a froogle on "digital to coax Converter" and found these;

    Looks like just one model out there, has anyone used it and feedback?
    I assume since digital NO losses.
    I tried to buy it locally from local RadioShack, specialty HT store, Best Buy, Computer City, nobody stocks it.

    from one of the webpage:
    "OPTICAL TO COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO CONVERTER. Perfect for Home Theater, Dolby Digital and DTS. Run out of TOSlink inputs on your receiver? This optical to coaxial converter will allow you to connect the TOSlink optical output from your DVD, cable or satellite receiver to a coaxial digital audio input. Don't buy a new receiver - simply change media formats and get full digital signal sound quality.

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    Mike R

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    Or get on old Audio Alchemy Pro32 DTI, which can convert between AES/EBU, S/PDIF co-ax, optical or I2S.

    They also have a powered Data Steam Transmitter/receiver which converts digital co-ax to optical with selectable 75/110-ohm impedances

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    I ordered mine from , best price/shipping.

    They work fine and now all my devices are connected "digitally", via 2 optial and 2 coax inputs.
    Mike R

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