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    Smile Difference between NAD T760 and T551?

    What is the difference between the NAD T760 and the NAD T751?

    I read the manuals on line from NAD and they both look exactally the same, the same amount of inputs and same layout of inputs on the backs of the units and even the fronts of the units look the same.

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    The T751 offers DTS the T760 does not. I think the 751 might have slightly improved bass management. On a side note I would stay away from NAD HT receivers. The 751 I gave my buddy just crapped out after only 4 years. Historically speaking NAD HT receivers have a poor history of reliability. They sound great but are not reliable. Some might disagree but if you do some research online you will see my point. The rest of there products especially the 2 channel products are quite reliable and sound fantastic.

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